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Battlestar Galactica Online  Battlestar Galactica - Edge of Apocalypse is an comprehensive attempt  to bring the universe of Battlestra Galactica to the world of Multiplayer Online RPG.

The mod features the whole range of colonial and cylon systems, ships, weapons , stations, commodities.  

As in most popular MMORPG, players get to choose between various races and career paths :

Whether you like to measure up against NPCs or challenge fellow players
online, you are never very far from the action. High paying missions, lootable but challenging NPCs and satellites, belligerent clans will make sure you sharpen up your combat skills quickly.

Civilian Trader:
You can trade your way up through a great number of trade route. You start with 500000 credits and a colonial shuttle and can quickly upgrade to larger freighters such as the colonial mover, the olympic carrier and many others.
If trading is not your cup of tea then you can earn credits with high-paying missions or just by destroying and looting enemy ships and stations.

Just like in the series, you can undertake an adventurous and exciting search for Earth.
The Freelancer open-ended universe makes it the ideal game platform for this.
But expect many challenges. You will need to find hidden clues, resolve riddles, and navigate skilfully through dangerous areas before you can hope to reach the promised land.






Video: Check the latest video trailer. view it here

The BSG Freelancer mod is updated and enhanced on a regular basis. The latest version can be found here: 
BSGmod download

You can connect directly to the BSG server even if the Freelancer Global server is unavailable:
How to connect directly to BSG server

In order to play on the Freelancer server you need to have the BSG mod activated. Download the it here: BSGmod download topic

In order to activate the BSG mod You need the Freelancer Mod Manager tool:
You can download it here: FLMM


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Server name:
The Freelancer BSG mod and server is  free to use. But you can donate  to contribute to the cost of the server. Even little amounts are welcome. Use the paypal link below.

Players Stats:

Colonial Viper

Mod created by Zeus , Venom and Stefan
BSG new series ships 3D meshes and textures by Coxxon - Freelancer adaptation by Zeus & Venom
Resurrection Ship by Zeus
Other ships by Porsche, Buck Rogers , Asmo, Blackassimilation, Wrath of Achilles.
Extensive coding support from the Lancersreactor community
Full Credits